Courtesy of The Weekly Review

BY Tim Doutre

He’s no stranger to the small screen but Dancing with the Stars and Celebrity Splash (remember that one?) aside, Nick Bracks is looking for something more.

The son of Steve, wears many hats, including ambassador for youth mental health project Headspace, an entrepreneur with his own underwear line and a model, but being in front of a different camera is next on his wish list.

“I’m pursuing acting, which I’ve been doing for about a year-and-a-half now,” Nick says.

“I’ve been auditioning and doing classes, so really giving that a push – that’s the big thing I am focused on right now.”

So naturally, we want to know what we’ll see him in? Is he the next Neighbours bad guy? A new toy boy for Nina Proudman in Offspring?

Not yet.

“It takes time like anything, I guess. There’s nothing at the moment to talk about, just a lot of auditions that I got really close in. But I’m really pushing it so hopefully there will be something to talk about in the next 12 months. Hopefully!”

Meanwhile, Nick has taken on a different role. He’s this year’s Festival of Steve ambassador.

“It’s all about embracing what it is to be a modern man in Melbourne. It’s food, it’s fashion, it’s grooming, it’s looking after yourself.

“I think it’s a great event that really embodies the modern lifestyle of a man in Melbourne.”

Nick says keeping a healthy body is where his expertise lies when it comes to the Festival of Steve pillars.

“I come from a sporting background and I’ve always kept fit. I don’t have one day where I don’t do some form of exercise.

“I recommend to anyone to keep active in some way every day. I have suffered from depression in the past and I work actively in that area – that’s been the biggest thing for me in keeping a positive mindset.”

On the fashion side of things, Nick is all about the “Melbourne uniform” – black. “For me, I love black. That’s the main thing I wear.

“I’ve got 10 black T-shirts, I’ve got three pairs of black jeans from Dejour on Sydney Road where  you get custom-made jeans. They’re like 60 bucks and they tailor them on the spot.

“Black jeans, black T-shirt and boots – RM Williams – that’s the Melbourne uniform.”

The Festival of Steve is hosted by City Precinct in partnership with the City of Melbourne to gather designers, retailers, purveyors of classic merchandise, stylists and outfitters at Taxi Riverside on Saturday, May 28.

Ladies are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Keep an eye out for The Steve Talks (in your face, Ted) – a series of panel discussions on issues that will enlighten and engage, held in conjunction with the Scorsese exhibition at ACMI.

Festival of Steve exhibitors include Carl Nave Tailor, Fortis Green socks, Sally Mackinnon – Stylist for Men, Lord Coconut, Men’s Biz and more.