Thanks Tri Edition!


Firstly, a special thanks to the Festival of Steve for organising the visit to Men’s Biz! Also a shout-out to Liam and Brian for being such amazing hosts!

In collaboration with the Festival of Steve, Men’s Biz hosted a special session for a haircut or a hot towel shave. At the time, I recently got a haircut so I went for a shave. I know what you’re thinking, and it’s probably down the line of how Brian, the barber, reacted: “We’ve never had an Asian came in who can grow a beard!” (HAHA!)

To most gents, this traditional concept of shaving is foreign, especially in the modern age, and they don’t really understand why or how it works compared to shaving at home.

So why go for a hot towel shave? Are there any benefits to it?

As a guy who shaves 3-4 times a week, I can tell you that there is a lot of difference! First of all, the time taken to shave. At home, if we were to take our time, we would take approximately 5-10 minutes. Meanwhile, a hot towel shave would take up to 30 minutes. Secondly, most of us don’t have all of the tools for a hot towel shave. Thirdly, not everyone is confident with a straight razor. And lastly, a hot towel shave can result in giving you smooth skin and other health benefits, such as:

  • It softens and opens up your pours;
  • It provides a closer shaver;
  • It helps get rid of any impurities cramped in your skin;
  • It soaks up the steam and heat to moisturise and cleanse your skin.
  • It blocks out unwanted razor burn or redness; and
  • Massaging the skin stimulates the nerves and promotes circulation.

From my personal experience, there is no better shave than able to lie back and relax, getting the cleanest shave and coming out revitalised. It is a practice I’d recommend to every guy to do once or twice a month.

If you haven’t yet experienced a hot towel shave, be sure to book in with your local barber and get that fresh clean shave!

For more, visit Men’s Biz and Festival of Steve.

Photographer: Liam Sardea

Photographer: Liam Sardea