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We go behind the scenes of Melbourne’s Festival Of Steve, now in its fourth year…

The Festival Of Steve has in past years become a must-attend for Australian men of style. This May 28 it’s set to be bigger and better than ever. We talked to Melbourne City Precinct Vice President Carl Navè about all things Steve.

How did the Festival Of Steve come about?

The City Precinct wanted to develop a festival that focused on artisans and craftsmen in the CBD, along with small businesses based in laneways and on floors above street level, all who are related in some way to men’s grooming, style or fashion.

Why choose the name Steve?

Steve is everyman – we wanted a name that reflected men everywhere. It’s a popular name and we collectively determined that everyone knows a Steve.

The Dapper Chap

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Who’s going to dig it the most?

Festival of Steve is aimed at the modern man and everyone’s interpretation of that. We celebrate men who are well groomed, well shod and well styled – and each man will have a different understanding of this.  So it’s really for everyone who is interested in style.

What are our readers going to get by turning up?

They’ll get a chance to meet and speak with some artisans and craftspeople that they may not otherwise get a chance to get to know.  Those hard-to-find businesses that rely on referrals, and are not high street businesses are represented at the festival, whether they sell grooming products, makes shoes or socks or handcraft bespoke suits, shirts and ties. We have also included a great array of local producers of food and beverage products, because let’s face it, we Melburnians know a thing or two about good food and drink.

Oscar Hunt

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How has the Festival Of Steve evolved in terms of attendance, sponsors and events?

This is our fourth festival and year on year we have grown – so much so that we have outgrown our venue and this year we have moved to Taxi Riverside. Our sponsors, exhibitors and audience grows each year.

What are some of this year’s must-attend events?

The Steve Talks will be presented in conjunction with ACMI and the SCORCESE exhibition opening there at the same time. This year we have “Scorcese, Style & Masculinity” and “The Rise of Men’s Style’

Who are some of the exciting new exhibitors?

This year we are thrilled to be supporting some fantastic new businesses, specifically Farrah – Field Equipment, Curve Cycling, The Practical Man, Rooftop Honey and many more.

Lord Coconut

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How would you describe the atmosphere?

It’s fun, relaxed and, dare I say, very stylish. We have a bar open selling our sponsors beverages, we have coffee and ice cream.  You can buy a bicycle or you can buy a beer – socks or suits, shirts or shaving products. You can meet stylists and milliners – all there to enjoy the day and have a great time!

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